The Shepherd's Stories


Welcome to the shepherd's stories..

along time a go a shepherd tells me a story about how great it is to breathe the open air, oxgen, but i'm not open in the open air, yes in real time, but if you see the polution here and there, everywhere i look. so i determinant to become a rich man so i can go where the air is clear. but that just the shepherd's stories....

How To Make a Sale on Your Website

Use this section to earn as much money as you can. Make sure to follow all of the steps listed to ensure maximum sales and profits. It will only take you about an hour to do all of this but it can make you thousands of dollars if you just spend a little time now to implement them. Again, make sure to do ALL THE STEPS below to MAXIMIZE your sales and PROFITS.

Steps To Success:
  1. Use a promo video
  2. Use peel away ads
  3. Use traffic sites
  4. Use email 3rd party list
  5. Use "signatures" in email and forum
  6. Use Banners and Images
  7. Post blog reviews
  8. Publish to Ezine
  9. Promote with top sponsor ads
  10. Promote using safelist ads

This Month 3 Best Opportunities

Hello, and welcome to This month 3 Best Opportunities.
Our goal is to present you with the 3 best available online opportunities on the internet right now. We update this list only once a month with just 3 opportunities.
1. Google Sniper - Zero to Six Figures? You can too!
2. Six Figure Yearly - Simply the best
3. Clickbank Pirate - Autopilot clickbank sales, all you've to do is drive people to your already design website.

Google Sniper : From Zero to Six Figures

Score : 10 out 10

Short review

Usually when you hear about things having an autopilot income, it's because you have to stuff it full of expensive Adwords traffic. But that's definitely not the case here.

This is TRUE autopilot – real set and forget stuff. You could take a vacation for a month, and still be making the
exact same cash...

... and that's with no input from you, and better yet, no expenditure either.

I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but I've seen it, it works, and yes, it can provide autopilot income.

What's more, it will generate it's own traffic.

Once you get your sites up, you basically get to sit back, and watch the money come in.

I don't expect you to take my word for that
by the way, just check out all the proof on the page – some guys are already banking good money with this...

The best things
  • NO COST - for advertising because the site generates its own traffic
  • NO STRUGGLES - easy to do
  • NO TIME - you can get this whole thing set up and finished in an afternoon.
Okay here's the scary one,
originaly is $297 (scary) but this special launch time, get it for $77 (not scary)
but its 10 out 10 value for money.

Potential Income
$96.000 a month but i seen people earn more with this

Since buying Google Sniper I have put up 20+ websites and I have 17 sites that rank top 5 or better on Google's 1st page!

VIsit the page here

Six Figure Yearly

Score : 10 out 10


Short Review

is without a doubt, the best of the best online. it reveals to you the secret and technique for pulling cash.

I can tell you that is this 100% legit. its has amazing result. at first i didn't believe it when i read her income claims. making $77,000 in the first one is very very hard to believe. but after a lot research i was able to verify the income.

this the true nature of the online world, if meet someone that makes that kind of money, just follow them and listen to what they have to say.

well, i know this is making money me money so i pass it to you to take advantage of this information.

the best things
  • New!  Video version!
  • Step By Step Instructions
  • Easy To Follow
  • Great Results
  • For Anyone in any country
The Price
Since 10 out of 10 is the best, that is what we give it.  It is normally $115, but is now only $69.97 (last time we checked).  Worth every penny.  With no additional initial money needed, it is a very low price for this program.
but don't worry you can have Money Back Guarantee for 56 days


Clickbank Pirate

Score : 10 out 10

Short Review

I must have read the pre-launch CBP offer 20 times before I joined CBP. It just seemed too good (and you know what that usually means!)

But it all made so much sense that I took the plunge and just started doing what Soren & Cindy said to do.

Before long, I was seeing conversions and then sales. Just got my first Clickbank check yesterday and more sales are pending payment. I have three things to say about CBP, Soren and Cindy:

1. CBP works. If you do the work and send the traffic to your squeeze pages, you're going to get the sales. It's almost too easy. The products are top notch, so
they sell. I love it!

2. Soren and Cindy are real people who do care about your success with CBP. If they say something, you can believe it and if they give you advice, take it. The training they give you with CBP is easily worth 100 times the price of the program. I've seen people charging $500/month for a lot less.

3. All of the tools and programs that Soren and Cindy offer, together and as individuals, are top-of-the-line quality. These people are professionals in everything they do and you will never regret subscribing to their programs or purchasing their products.

If you're on the fence about CBP, don't wait any
longer. Jump on in.

The best thing

  • You don't have to sell anything
  • You don't have to write a single word!
  • You don't have to learn any tech skills!
  • You don't have invest a lot of cash!
The Price
$67 but you'll earn more than that

Potential Income
Unlimited but atleast $1000 per month

"Click Bank Pirate is going to allow hordes of people to be successful by giving them a complete turn key business system with real products. No technical skills needed - they give you everything!"